Paris Heating and Cooling will perform an 18 point inspection for your air conditioning system. We will perform the following check on your air conditioner:

18 Point Air Conditioning Inspection

  1. Lubricate blower & motor bearings (if equipped)
  2. Check belt condition and tension (if equipped)
  3. Check air conditioner cooling coil
  4. Check system pressure
  5. Take temperature drop across coil
  6. Check condenser for level
  7. Check thermostat and controls
  8. Check condenser and clean
  9. Check fan speed for summer operation
  10. Check safety controls and correct operation & settings
  11. Check superheat and adjust charge if needed
  12. Check voltage and amperage draw
  13. Check for correct rotation of fans/blowers
  14. Check expansion valve and dryer flow
  15. Check contactors and starters
  16. Check start & run capacitors
  17. Check air conditioner compressor
  18. Clean condensate drain

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