Ductless Systems


Ductless Systems

Ductless Air Conditioning/Split Air Conditioning

Paris Heating & Cooling is a Mitsubishi & LG supplier. These recognized brands can help make your home comfortable and more energy efficient.
Paris Heating and Cooling can install an air conditioning system in a home that does not have duct work. We are a certified contractor to install the Mitsubishi Electric comfort system.
air conditioner attached to wall


How It Works

Mitsubishi Electric comfort systems use refrigerant lines, plus power and control wiring, to connect the outdoor unit to the individual indoor air handlers. The technology, developed after World War II, is called split-ductless and is the primary method for conditioning spaces within a home or commercial building in countries around the world. Split-ductless systems allow each space with an indoor air-handler unit to be controlled independently from other rooms within a home providing individualized comfort control.

Mitsubishi Electric utilizes advanced technology to bring you quality products that provide the ultimate in comfort control. Components of the systems include:

  • INVERTER-driven compressors
  • Standard and enhanced filtration systems
  • Hot-Start technology
  • i-SeeTM Sensor for precise temperature
  • Hand-held wireless, or optional wall-mounted wired, remote controllers

With these and other technologies the Mitsubishi comfort systems provide energy efficient, quiet and environmentally friendly solutions for your home's comfort needs.

Easy Installation

Easy installation with no mess or disruption to your life.

  • Typical installation
  • Different styles of indoor units to meet any need
  • Outdoor units complete the system

Typical Installation

One of the great things about the Mitsubishi system is its ease of installation. A qualified contractor can usually install it in about a day. There is little to no duct work required, so you don't have to worry about a big mess in your home, interrupting your life or costly remodeling expenses. The sleek indoor unit mounts discreetly within the space and a pair of refrigerant lines, plus power and control wiring, connect it to the outdoor unit through a small three-inch opening in the wall.

Different Styles of Indoor Units

Ducted style. When a ducted model is selected as the indoor unit that best fits your need, it can easily be installed either in the ceiling or beneath the floor in a crawl space or basement. This style accommodates the use of short duct runs and registers to deliver and return air from the space to the unit.

Wall-mounted style. A wall-mounted unit mounts high on a wall and is unobtrusive to the visual area within a room. The wall unit models are similar in white color but come in a two different designs that have different features that enhance their functions within the space.

Floor-mounted style. The floor-mounted model attaches to the wall, six inches above the floor, in spaces where there is minimal or no wall space.


Outdoor Units Complete the System

The outdoor units for each of the systems have a small physical footprint to take up as little space outside your home as possible and can be 'hidden' by foliage. With the use of LINE-HIDE line-set cover accessory, the lines connecting the indoor to outdoor unit can be cleanly hidden. The PVC material of LINE-HIDE can be painted to match your home's exterior so that as little visual change as possible will be apparent.