Ductless AC is the New Up and Coming Trend – Here’s Why

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Maybe you’ve heard of ductless AC and are wondering what all the hype is about. Maybe you’re looking for a more energy efficient cooling system. Or maybe you just stumbled on this page by accident. Whatever your reason, we’re here to tell you about the newest trend in the HVAC industry: ductless units.

Ductless heating or air conditioning units consist of a compressor that sits outside and an indoor unit mounted on the wall. They’re small, unobtrusive units that far outperform their size in energy savings, cooling capacity and adaptability.

Benefits of ductless AC

Ductless AC systems have a host of benefits that are making them increasingly popular and establishing them as a new trend that’s here to stay. Ductless AC units:

  • Are far more energy efficient than ductwork. Cooling and heating systems that rely on ductwork typically use a significant amount of energy as the air travels along the ductwork. As the name implies, ductless AC systems have no ductwork you need to worry about, simply expelling the cool air directly into the room. They are also smaller than air-forced systems so are able to run on less energy.
  • Allow for independent temperature zones in the house. If you spend most of your day in a home office, don’t use bedrooms except at night or have differing temperature preferences among family members, ductless AC systems provide a way to cut down on energy use while keeping everyone comfortable. Because ductless AC is installed directly in the room it is servicing, you can use it to create different temperature zones within your house. You can close the door to your home office and keep the air nice and cool during the day without having to waste energy cooling the rest of the house. Or you can turn the AC down in your bedroom while keeping your kids’ rooms cooler in the evening if they have trouble sleeping.
  • Save you money. With increased energy efficiency and the ability to only heat or cool the portion of the house you are inhabiting, ductless HVAC systems can significantly cut down on your energy bill and save you money. Though the upfront cost might seem daunting, the savings over time will quickly make up for the investment. Some homeowners are also eligible for tax credits or utility rebates to reward homeowners going with more energy efficient systems.
  • Are less vulnerable to air leakage than window units. Unlike window air conditioning units, ductless air systems are only connected to the outside of your home by a very small hole drilled through the wall. Whereas window systems can leak a significant amount of cool air through the cracks between it and the window, ductless systems are far less likely to lead to air leakage.
  • Don’t require ductwork installation in existing homes without AC. If you live in a home without AC and are planning to add it, ductless AC is likely the most affordable way to get a high quality cooling system in place. Installing ductwork in an already built house is an expensive and invasive undertaking. Ductless AC can provide you with a higher quality cooling system than window units while averting the high costs and hassle of installing ductwork.
  • Are less visible than window units. Ductless systems are installed on the wall and, while visible, are often forgotten about after installation. They quickly blend in with the surrounding room and become an unobtrusive part of your home. Window units, meanwhile, tend to be visual distractions as long as they are there. They are bulkier and are typically closer to eye-level height, blocking views out windows and keeping natural light from coming in.
  • Are less audible than window units. Ductless systems are also less audible than window units, so you don’t have to deal with yelling over the noise or being distracted from your work.

When to install ductless AC

The flexibility and easy installation of ductless AC systems make them ideal for a wide range of applications. In particular, some of the best situations for ductless AC systems include:

    • Cooling a new addition. If you’re adding a room to your house or turning a porch into a sunroom, ductless AC offers a way to cool the space without expanding your ductwork or detracting from the efficiency of the rest of your home. The ductless unit can be tailored to the size of the addition, providing the right amount of cooling for the space.
    • Using only one or two rooms in the house regularly. If you have a home office or typically spend the majority of the day in only one part of your house, ductless AC systems are perfect for allowing you to stay cool without wasting energy cooling the rest of the uninhabited space. In the evenings, or when you use the other rooms, you can then turn up your central AC system if you have one.
    • Spaces where you’d typically use a window AC unit. If your home doesn’t have existing ductwork or you only want one room in your house cooled, window AC units previously offered a reasonable solution. But ductless AC is far more effective and energy efficient at cooling specific rooms.

If you’re interested in learning more about ductless AC systems or want to find out if it’s the right choice for you, call our HVAC experts at Paris Heating & Cooling in Rochester, NY, at (585) 227-4512 today!